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Stock Photo 47633240 Straining Through The Pain

Pushing Through the Pain?

Repeated movements can cause wear and tear on the muscles, tendons, bones, and nerves of the body by stressing them beyond their physical limit. This damage can lead to pain, inflammation, delayed healing, and loss of function. The main cause of overuse injuries is a rapid increase in frequency, intensity or duration of a repetitive type action. Common overuse injuries …

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Stock Photo 47635590 Targeting Back Pain

Neck Pain and Headaches?

Headaches are often caused by disorders of the neck or physical and emotional tension. Headaches can start as pain at the top of the neck and as the pain worsens it can spread to the back of the head, the temples, forehead, or behind the eyes. Physiotherapy can successfully treat headaches originating from the neck or soft tissues and show …

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Stock Photo 47614998 Deep Spinal Inflammation

Spinal Pain Holding You Back?

Prompt physiotherapy assessment, diagnosis and treatment of low back pain will have you feeling and moving better more quickly. Back pain can also refer into the hip and leg. It is important to quickly determine the underlying cause to get fast relief. Once the underlying cause of the acute or chronic low back pain is determined treatment may include hands …

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Stock Photo 61745380 Running Is Taking Its Toll

Sports Injury Taking It’s Toll?

Early physiotherapy management of a sports injury is essential to quickly regain range of movement, strength and rehabilitate full function enabling a prompt return to your sport, exercise or physical activity. Acute soft tissue injuries such as ankle ligament sprains, muscle strains and contusions should be assessed within 48 hours. Early initiation of rehabilitation measures specific to the region and …

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Monday 8am–7pm Tuesday 8am–1pm Wednesday 8am–7pm Thursday 8am–7pm Friday Closed Saturday Closed Sunday Closed

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Treatment Fees Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes of individual time with the physiotherapist. The cost for an initial treatment is $100 and follow up treatments are $90 per session. Private Health Insurance We have Hicaps which enables us to claim directly from your health fund. Please bring your health fund card with you to each appointment. We also have …

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Our physiotherapists are experts in posture and human movement. Our practice offers comprehensive assessment, treatment, management, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions. We integrate clinical expertise with evidence-based research to assess and manage all types of movement disorders. If you are experiencing pain call us to make an appointment to find out why it is occurring. With early diagnosis and treatment …

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Welcome to Quakers Hill Physiotherapy Centre   We’re open and COVID safe! Click here to find out more…   Established in 1995 we have been providing physiotherapy services to the Quakers Hill district for more than 24 years in a professional, friendly and relaxed environment. We are dedicated to working with other health professionals as a team to provide the …

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